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JULY 2005



Christian Schoen
CIA.IS – Awarded Artists and Projects
It is the aim of CIA.IS to support professional Icelandic artists to pursue their education, exhibitions and presentations abroad.

Christian Schoen
Thomas Huber: Spor – A Project in Iceland
Spor combines the actual, physical landscape with virtual and abstract descriptions of time and distance.

Jón Proppé
Eggert Pétursson Wins
Icelandic artist Eggert Pétursson has been awarded the second prize of the Carnegie Art Award 2006.

Jón Proppé
Textiles Prize for Hrafnhildur Sigurðardóttir
Hrafnhildur Sigurðardóttir is this year’s recipient of the Nordic Award in Textile.

Christian Schoen
Finnbogi Pétursson: Harnessing the North Wind
An Interview with the artist.

Jón Proppé
New York: Stux’s Icelandic Connection
Among the twenty-four artists Stux currently represents are two women from Iceland. Both have had solo exhibitions in the gallery in the last year.

Eva Heisler
Ólöf Nordal
Ólöf’s work continues to explore the folkloric traditions surrounding Icelandic nature.




"Mynd" (2000) a projected video environment by Steina Vasulka.



CIA.IS – Awarded Artists and Projects

Christian Schoen

CIA.IS – Center for Icelandic Art, which was founded three months ago, has now for the first time awarded grants to nine artists and art projects. It is the aim of CIA.IS to support professional Icelandic artists to pursue their education, exhibitions and presentations abroad.

Project grant

KlinK & BanK for the development and realisation of the project “KlinK and BanK Moves to Berlin” KlinK & BanK is a group of 150 artists based in a 5000-square-meter building at Brautarholt in Reykjavík. In just over a year, KlinK & BanK has become a center point for Reykjavík’s artistic life. There has been intense public interest, fed by a packed program of open events. A group of artists from KlinK & BanK will exhibit and perform in the KlinK & BanK spirit at Berliner Liste Art Fair September/October 2005.

The Sculptors’ Union for participating in Site Ations, an international collaborative project, starting in September 2005. Eight Icelandic artists will participate in Site Ations in the UK, Latvia, Poland and Spain. The Icelandic artists are: Margrét Blöndal and Ásmundur Ásmundsson in Poland; Erling Klingenberg and Olga Bergmann in Ireland; Kristinn E. Hrafnsson in the UK; Valgerður Gunnlaugsdóttir in Latvia; and Hekla Dögg Jónsdóttir and Guðjón Ketilsson in Spain.

Steina Vasulka for the production of work to be shown in October Gallery in London. Steina has lived in the U.S. since 1965 and has worked on video art since 1970. Along with her husband Woody, she is one of the pioneers of video art. In her exhibition in October Gallery in November 2005, she will make a continuance of her work Fire, which she exhibited at the Venice Biennale (as the representative of Iceland in 1997), and Water, which was recently premiered in Seoul.

Artist in Residence / Travel Support

Erla Haraldsdóttir for travel to Kuenstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin. Erla Haraldsdóttir studied in Gothenburg, Sweden, but now works and lives in Berlin and Reykjavík. She has held numerous exhibitions and participated in group exhibitions throughout Europe. Erla has been invited to stay in Kunstlerhaus Bethanien, one of the biggest and most respected international art centers in Europe. Erla will also have an exhibition in connection with her stay.

Heimir Björgúlfsson for Raid Project, a studio residency in Los Angeles. Heimir is a young artist living in Holland. He will stay in Raid Project’s residency, an artist-run, non-profit curatorial organization, from July to October and have an exhibition in Raid Project’s gallery.

Hildur Bjarnadóttir for exhibitions in the U.S. Hildur is a young artist who has been active in the U.S. since she graduated from the New Media Department at the Pratt Institute in New York. She has also participated in many exhibitions throughout Europe. Hildur is participating in an exhibition in Winnipeg in November 2005, a solo exhibition in Idaho also in November, and another solo exhibition in Pulliam Defenbaugh Gallery in Portland in January 2006.

Publication Grant

Kling & Bang Gallery for publication of a gallery catalogue. Twenty-five art exhibitions have been held in Kling & Bang Gallery since it opened in the early spring of 2003. The gallery is run by eight enthusiastic artists who focus on progressive art in their choice of artists to collaborate with. The publication is a part of the gallery’s reinforcement of cooperation abroad.

Ólöf Nordal for the publication of a catalogue of her art. Ólöf Nordal is a young artist who has been very active in recent years. She is now publishing a catalogue of her art in connection with her solo exhibition in i8 gallery in Reykjavík in September 2005. (See the portrait in this issue of LIST.)

Ómar Stefánsson for the book Cosmosis. Cosmosis is a collaboration between artists Ómar and Bjarni Þórarinsson and graphic designer Guðmundur Oddur Magnússon. Guðmundur Oddur has made a “remix” of their work. The book will be published by Ofr System, Paris. (See LIST #1, May 2005)

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"Mynd" (2000) a projected video environment by Steina Vasulka.
KlinK og BanK