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»» Sequences Time-Based Art Fesival announced for October
»» Egill Sæbjörnsson in New York

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Venice 2007
Steingrímur Eyfjörð's Approach
The Icelandic exhibition at the Venice Biennale will probe cultural identity.

Christian Schoen:
The Golden Plover will arrive ... in Venice.
An introduction to Steingrímur Eyfjörð's exhibtition by its commisioner, Christian Schoen.

Taking Over at the national Gallery
We speak to Halldór Björn Runólfsson who has recently become director of the National gallery of Iceland.

Shauna Laurel Jones:
Rúrí's concern for Nature and Memory
An essay on the work of sculptor, photographer and performance artists Rúrí.





Sequences Art Festival 2007:

Time-Based Art Festival
in October


SEQUENCES art festival was held for the first time 13-28th of October 2006. The festival focuses on time-based art and links especially music and performance art with the visual arts, such as video, vj-ing and performance. The festival took place in different locations in the city center of Reykjavík, accompanied by exhibitions and video/film nights. In total a 140 participants from 20 different countries showed their artwork at the festival and the program ranged from 1-10 events per day. A special map with all the locations and artist-list was designed and distributed all over town, making it easy to catch the wide range of events happening in different locations.

Most of the museums and galleries in Reykjavík participated in the festival, as did more unconventional spaces like shops, cinemas, hairdressers and restaurants. Some of the artists chose to show their work outside, including a videoscreening on the Icelandic parliament and a sequin-waterfall on the main shopping street, naming a few.
Over the festivals period the city center came alive with the extensive art program SEQUENCES had too offer and this year we hope to make it even better.

This year the Sequences office is located at The Living Art Museum and the board remains the same. The festival will be held from the 12-21st of October making it a bit shorter and more focused on the time-based phenomenon wich will still play the key role. Already artist all over the world have shown a keen interrest in participating and most of the museums and galleries will host different events.

The plan is to choose a different designer each year that creates the look for the festival e.g logo, website, postcards, map, catalogs ect. For the festival 2007 young upcoming designer Siggi Eggertsson (www.vanillusaft.com) was an obvious choice. His previous works include a collaboration with Readymade magazine in Hong Kong, Paper magazine in New York and logó for fashion designer Gudjon.
Sequences collaboratede with music festival Airwaves 2006 and this year it will be even more so. Not only in events, like creating visulals for concerts and performances/music happenings but also in promotion. Over this period of time in October the city will be filled with music and art crossbordering with each other.


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The festival website is www.sequences.is.