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»» Twenty Iclandic Artists in New York
»» Toung Painters in Göteborg Konsthall
»» Magnús Árnason invited to LISTE8
»» The Center for Icelandic Art Provides Grants for Artists
»» CIA.IS – the Video Archive Keeps Expanding
»» Sequences 2008, Real-Time Art Festival Announced

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Reinventing Harbour Cities: An International Conference in Reykjavík, April–May 2008

Papers and interviews from the conference highlighting the issues of urban planning and public art in cities on the sea.

Trentino / Süd-Tyrol:
Icelanders at Manifesta 7
»» Margrét Blöndal
»» Ragnar Kjartansson
»» Libia Castro and Ólafur Ólafsson

Jón Proppé:
The Reykjavík Arts Festival 2008
For the second time, the festival is dedicated to the viual arts and opens to great acclaim. We have photographs of the

Sigrún Sigurđardóttir:
Icelandic Photography. Reflections on Mental Realism
The newly created Society of Icelandic Contemporary Photography aims to carve out a space for photography as an artistic form.

Christian Schoen:
Interview with Carolee Schneeman
"In 1964, Iceland completely changed my life ..."

Sequences Festival 2008
Real-Time Art retruns in autumn

Sequences started in 2006 and is an independent art festival that is held every year in Reykjavik. The festival was founded by four artist-run galleries—The Living Art Museum, Kling og Bang Gallery, Gallery Dwarf and Gallery Bananananas— and The Center for Icelandic Art. The aim of the festival is to celebrate and exhibit progressive visual art with a special focus on art in public/urban spaces. The center point of the festival is time-based art, such as performances, sonic art, video art, music and design, and creating a cross-platform for these art forms.

Sequences is the first art festival in Iceland to focus on visual art alone and is an offspring of the dynamic art scene that thrives in Reykjavik. The festival is a venue for young artists to exhibit their work and connect with foreign artists who work in similar media (or: in the same media). More than two hundred artists from around the world have participated in the festival. Along with the artist-run galleries, the bigger museums and institutions have participated in the festival: Reykjavik Art Museum, i8, Safn, Gallery Turpentine and The National Museum of Iceland.

The festival’s concept has changed from a dynamic sort of self-curated organism in a more focused direction with an orientation towards selected projects by local and international artists. A curatorial board with the artistic director Kristín Björk Kristjánsdóttir, better known as Kira Kira, will organize SEQUENCES 2008.

The festival will take place October 11 to 17, shortly before the Frieze art fair in London … and this is just a short hop from Iceland. For the program check: www. sequences.is

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Ilmur Stefánsdóttir, Performance at Sequences 2007









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