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»» Project: Iceland – A New Book Covering Iceland's Creative Scene
»» Two Nominated for Deutsche Börse Photographic Prize
»» Libia Castro & Ólafur Ólafsson at Reykjavík Art Museum
»» Guðjón Bjarnason at The Tenri Cultural Institute, NYC

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Sequences Time-Based Art Festival 2008
The third-annual SEQUENCES real-time art festival opens on October 11.

Jón Proppé:
The Bar, the Scene, the Legend
Kling & Bang gallery recreates a legendary Reykjavík watering hole at Frieze Projects, London.

Jón Proppé:
Icelandic Visual Arts Awards 2008
The Awards, now in their third third year, honour Icelandic artists and designers.

Shauna Laurel Jones:
Steinunn Þórarinsdóttir
One of Iceland's best-known sculptors, Steinunn Þórarinsdóttir exhibits her haunting cast metal figures around the world.

– The Program

The third-annual SEQUENCES real-time art festival opens on October 11 with an exciting international program. This year’s dates give art lovers the opportunity of travelling even farther to Frieze Art Fair in London or staying in Reykjavík for the famous Icelandic Airwaves Music Festival.

SEQUENCES 2008 is jam-packed with time-based work, such as performances, sound art, video and music. The program consists of over twenty projects with more than forty national and international participants. The Living Art Museum will host a sonic exhibition with works by Darri Lorenzen, BJ Nielsen, Björn Quiring, Ingólfur Arnarsson and Finnbogi Pétursson. Another sound performance by Elín Hansdóttir and Úlfur Hansson will take place in the Grótta lighthouse. An imported bar and performance stage for the Fort artist collective from Bremen will be open only during evening hours in a container close to the sea, and there will be many more environmental interventions by Haraldur Jónsson, Sara Riel, Theresa Himmer, Unnur Mjöll Leifsdóttir, Halldór Arnar Úlfarsson, and many others.

A special German-French-Icelandic VJ event will foster international collaboration: the German band Transforma joins forces with Ben Frost and the Icelandic experimental music group Bedroom Community. Drummer Daníel Þorsteinsson and French visual artist Yroyoto will collaborate in an audiovisual performance where live experimental video is triggered through a drum kit. A special performance of Brian Eno’s Music for Airports arranged by Hildur Ingveldard Guðnadóttir in collaboration with Caput and Elín Hansdóttir in an abandoned house, a performance by New York-based artist Trong Ngyen in Dwarf Gallery, and events such as Magnús Árnason’s installation and performance in the Nordic House will especially catch the audience’s attention.

A very special focus lies on the festival’s first honorary artist: Rúrí (see LIST #13). For Sequences 2008, Rúrí will present Vocal IV in collaboration with musician and composer Jóhann Jóhannsson in the Reykjavík Art Museum. Vocal IV is an elaborate performance with diverse elements: video, music, sound art, waterfall swish, nature sounds and texts Rúrí has collected from critical international discussions about water.

The entire program can be found online: www.sequences.is.


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Sequences 2008






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